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Are now required to report COVID-19 related information to the CDC, residents, and residents’ representatives and family members. Failure to do so will result in citations and in CMPs.Penalties are already being imposed.


LTCF’s that have not accurately reported will have earned a minimum penalty of $4500.

“Are you reporting accurately? Do you understand the reporting rules?”

At Velero Health, we specialize in managing and reporting data to meet federal requirements (i.e.42 C.F.R. § 483.80)and prevent our clients from incurring penalties. Over the last 5 years, we have protected more than $6b in patient revenue from penalty.

Our Penalty Prevention™ solution streamlines the COVID-19 reporting process to ensure your facility captures the right data allowing Velero Health experts to report that data on time – avoiding a penalty.

Penalty Prevention™ Solution Benefits:

  • Ease reporting burden by partnering with regulatory experts that complete the reporting on your behalf
  • Secure access to COVID-19 Penalty Prevention™ tool streamlines reporting and communication
  • Eliminate guess work through on demand video tutorials and print guides
  • Exceptional value

COVID-19 Reporting Criteria:

  •   Compliance requires at least one data submission every seven days.
  •   Data submission began on May 17, 2020.
    • Facilities that are non-compliant were fined CMP of $1,000 on June 7th
    • Penalty Calculation: Facilities that are non-compliant incur the baseline CMP of $1,000+ additional CMP of $500for each failure to report timely.

Velero Health will ease the compliance burden allowing LTCF leadership to focus on providing safe environments in which to live and work.  Fill out the contact form and stop the penalties today!

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